Dear colleagues,

By filling the Application (which you can send to the Serbian Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine by mail or bring personally) and by paying the first monthly fee you become a member of the Association.

Founding resolution and Statute (by law) of the association
can be found at the website to remind you of the goals of the Association and your rights and obligations as a part of it.

Since the Association is not able to function without financial funds, take notice of the procedure of paying the membership fee. The membership fee can be easily settled via current account The membership fee can be easily settled via current account 200-2724530101033-49, Bank Postanska Stedionica  Belgrade, by withdrawals from Your personal income, and through accountancy at Your institution (Resolution on the amount of membership fee handed over to accountancy is further down) or through personal payment at the offices of the Association (Sokobanjska 17, Belgrade). The monthly membership fee from 2005 onwards is 250 RSD.

For the time being all communication can be carried out through the address above (Sokobanjska 17, Belgrade, offices of the Institute for Rehabilitation), by coming to this address in person, by phone:
+381 11 266 73 44, fax: +381 11 266 24 32 or by e-mail:

Take notice of personal information you give us. This information will be strictly guarded and used only in communication with you. Encircle with red pen on the Application which information is not for public use.

We have set a web page, where you can find information on members of the Association who allowed it to be published.

The Application includes the following paragraph: Name your specialized area of physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Here you can name the title of your subspecialist work, master thesis/doctor thesis, or the area you are mostly involved in (rehabilitation of children or elderly, degenerative rheumatism, electrodiagnostics etc). This is necessary since in the section of the website dedicated to members of the Association you can find a colleague dealing with same problems as you, for consulting. There is a possibility of addressing your questions to the Association, and the Association will connect you with the person that can help

Membership fee

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Membership fee

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