Udruženje za fizikalnu i
rehabilitacionu medicinu Srbije

23. KONGRES FIZIKALNE I REHABILITACIONE MEDICINE SRBIJE sa međunarodnim učešćem, 21 – 24. septembar 2023. godine, Zlatibor

Kurs EMNG za specijaliste fizikalne medicine i rehabilitacije

Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS PRM Section promotes  quality of care in PRM

The letter from Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS PRM Section

Call for representatives from European Junior Doctors

European Junior Doctors (EJD) call for PRM trainees as representatives. There are posts available for the representative and the vice-representative to the PRM Section and Board. Please be informed that PRM trainees registered to the European Board of PRM can participate in EJD Association at the national level and subsequently be elected and appointed by EJD as representatives to the PRM Section and Board. More details on the nomination and election procedure may be found here.

Call for recertifications

All eligible PRM specialists who are Board Certified Fellows are kindly reminded to check their fellowship status. We kindly remind, that according to the Board rules, the certification as a Fellow/Senior Fellow expires 10 years after awarding. Only Life Fellowships are guaranteed without term. The recertification procedure is described in detail on our website

Exam of the European Board of PRM

The registration opens on January 1, 2023.

The Examination of the European PRM Board will be organised on May 26 (Friday), 2023. Details on the registration procedure and the application form are available here.
Applications must be submitted no later than March 31, 2023. The application period will not be prolonged beyond this date. Applicants who will submit their applications by the end of February 2023 will receive credentials for the examination platform and access to the examination simulator at the end of March. Registration made in March 2023 will result in granting the credentials and access at the end of April.

Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletters

Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletters (Issue 54 - July 2022,  Issue 55 - October 2022Issue 56 - November 2022, and  6th Anniversary Newsletter Issue 57 | December 2022) are available. You are very welcome to share the content with colleagues.

Virtual ESPRM Congress 2020, Belgrade, Serbia

Difficult times ask for creative and courageous solutions which may also open new avenues for a better future!

"22nd ESPRM Congress 2020 and 20th Serbian Congress of PRM" was held as "VIRTUAL ESPRM CONGRESS 2020" in the period from 19th to 23rd September 2020.


Drage kolege,

imam zadovoljstvo da vam ukažem na novi dokument koji je uradila SZO, pod nazivom „Kliničko upravljanje COVID-19: Životne smernice“ (>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT).

Želim da vas zamolim da pogledate poglavlje 19. „Rehabilitacija pacijenata sa COVID-19“, dokument SZO od januara 2021. godine  koji predstavlja unapređene smernica prvobitno objavljene 27. maj 2020.


23. KONGRES FIZIKALNE I REHABILITACIONE MEDICINE SRBIJE sa međunarodnim učešćem, 21 – 24. septembar 2023. godine, Zlatibor


ISPRM Congress 2023 - Cartagena Colombia, June 4-8, 2023

ISPRM 2023: Home


MFPRM Congress 2023 - Mediteranski kongres fizikalne i rehabilitacione medicine (https://mfprm2023rome.com) održaće se u Rimu od 6. do 8. jula 2023.  Mesto održavanja kongresa će biti NH Hotel Vittorio Veneto, u blizini „Rome Center“, Rim, Italija. (https://www.nh-collection.com/it/hotel/nh-collection-roma-vittorio-veneto).