Udruženje za fizikalnu i
rehabilitacionu medicinu Srbije

ANNOUNCEMENT:  European School Marseille 2023

The European Board of PRM (EBPRM) will support the registration of 80 attendees to the Digital Web Session: European Rehabilitation School Marseille “Motor Disabilities: Posture and Movement Analysis, Rehabilitation, Neurophysiology” which will be organised from July 3rd to July 8th 2023. The financial support covers the registration fee. The financial support is paid by the EBPRM directly to the organiser.

Scientific programme – preliminary version: ESM 2023 – Preliminary Programme

Eligibility: Trainees who have their training in countries participating to UEMS PRM Section and Board and are registered with the EBPRM. The registration is free and can be submitted here. Priority will be given to trainees who have passed the EBPRM Examination.

  • EBPRM Certified Fellows within three years after the completion of training.

Application: The applications for the financial support of the European PRM Board are submitted through this link.

Deadline: The deadline for applications is 16 June 2023.

Selection Procedure

If the number of applicants exceeds the available posts, the attendees will be randomly selected a few days after the application deadline, in the presence (through web conference) of the EBPRM Executive Committee Members and the National Managers. Priority will be given to trainees who have passed the EBPRM Examination and EBPRM Certified Fellows.

Announcement of the selection

The applicants who are selected to participate will be informed by email within 10 days after the application deadline. Trainees who have not participated in the EBPRM exam must immediately provide a proof of training through their National Manager.