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Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS PRM Section promotes  quality of care in PRM

The letter from Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS PRM Section

As it is stated in the UEMS PRM Section and Board website, the mission of the Clinical Affairs Committee is to promote the quality of care in PRM throughout European countries.
For that purpose, among other actions, an Accreditation process for PRM Programs of Care was developed. A PRM Program of Care is a good way to describe PRM activity and may be the best approach to help others understand our specialty. The definition of the Program of Care in PRM and the process of accreditation are structured and outlined in detail in our website.
Although the applicant will be requested to make a certain effort to overcome the Accreditation process, the list of benefits is very long as well, making the whole project very reasonable. The main benefits, as listed on the website, are:

·  Validation of the scientific background and structure of your Program of Care.

·  Improvement of the quality of care for your patients.

·  Recognition of your PRM program by the European body – UEMS PRM.

·  Visibility by the display of your program on the public UEMS PRM website.

·  Advice on Program of care structure from a panel of experts in PRM.

·  Direct exchanges within a quality network of accredited programs.

·  Presentation of your Program at special session of ESPRM Congress.

·  Contribution to the comprehensive description of the European PRM Specialty.

As we can learn from the website, 30 programs from 10 European countries were successfully accredited. We believe in the importance of the certification process and are assured, that there are a lot of PRM professional programs across Europe, deserving this honorable certificate of quality.
If you, or your colleagues are interested in improving the quality and promoting your Rehabilitation Program of Care, you are more than invited to submit your Program to UEMS PRM CAC Accreditation procedure.
Dr. Anda Nulle, Chairman of the Clinical Affairs Committee, andanulle@gmail.com
Dr. Iuly Treger, Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee, treiuly@gmail.com